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APEX Professional Pressure Washing-
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Home, Driveway & Walkway Frequently Asked Questions

Your home is usually your largest investment. It needs proper maintenance and cleaning to keep it looking great. Let Apex Professional Pressure Washing take care of your exterior house washing needs. Whether your siding, driveway or walkway need cleaning, trust us to do it right! Questions? Look below to find the answers...

1. Are The Cleaners You're Using Safe?

YES. The safety of your family, pets, and landscaping as well as our employees are our main concern. We have never had a plant die due to our cleaning process or cleaning agents. We pride ourselves on our safety record. We do not cover your bushes or grass with plastic to protect them from our cleaners because all of our cleaners are 100% environmentally safe and totally bio-degradable.

2. What Type of Equipment Do You Use?

We use the latest in detergent injected pressure washers. We use custom-made extension wands, long range wands and flat surface cleaning machines. We will clean your house or deck from the ground without banging ladders against it, scratching your siding. We gently and professionally clean your siding, deck, or other property with the correct combination of deter­gent and pressure to achieve beautiful results.

3. Does Your Equipment Mean That I Will Get A Better Job?

YES. On siding, we utilize our extension wands so we can stand on the ground to clean your siding. This has two benefits: I. We don’t use ladders unless absolutely necessary so there is no chance of scratching or denting your siding or breaking a window. 2. The wands in conjunction with our detergent injectors apply a uniform coating of cleaner, which translates into virtually streak free cleaning. If the detergent were to be applied with a pump up sprayer, it would not have uniform application and the result could be permanent streaking to your siding.

4. What Type Of Results Can I Expect?

In order to eliminate any questions regarding results we inform all of our customers of any unusual conditions at the time of the estimate. Generally the following conditions can occur at any job:

  • Loose paint and caulking may come off, good paint will not.
  • Windows may spot lightly, but no more than what rain-water would do.
  • Black streaks (commonly referred to as rust stains) found under eaves and some aluminum gutters, will not come 100% clean, these streaks are caused by the constant moisture or rain water passing over them can deposit a permanent stain.
  • Small black spots that remain are either the asphalt shingle granules that run off your roof, bug droppings that are baked into the surface, or a common fungus known as artillery or shotgun fungus(they look like small black dots).
  • All mildew, surface dirt, and carbonous pollutants will be removed from the siding of your home, making your property look its best.

    4a. My Gutters Have Streaks On Them-Will They Come Off?

We try to be realistic when telling our customers what results they can expect with streaked gutters. In most cases, the gutters should be cleaner than before your home was pressure cleaned. At other times the streaks come off the gutters completely, leaving them looking like new, and in still other cases the streaks simply will not come off the gutters at all. There are many reasons for this, from air pollution bonding to the outside of the gutters to not having the gutters pressure cleaned in many, many years. So again, we try to be realistic. Your gutters will come out cleaner than before, but to what degree depends on many factors. Why is this the case? Gutters are often a completely different material than vynil siding. The streaks on gutters often come from rainwater that flows over the side of the gutters during heavy rain or if they are full of leaves/debris and do not drain properly. The rainwater actually picks up an electric charge when going over the asphalt shingles on your roof which then bonds to the exterior of your gutters. Also, small particles of air pollution may attach themselves to your gutters and simply refuse to budge. Even if you're nowhere near a place known for air pollution, you may get the effects from the pollutants from a neighboring state.

4b. My Siding Has Small Black Raised Dots On It- What is This and Will it Come Off With Pressure Washing?

These small black raised dots are called artillary fungus or shotgun fungus. They are called this because they can "shoot" themselves at distances approaching 30ft. They are often found in older rotting mulch either in your own yard or a neighbors. Artillary fungus is a growing problem throughout the Carolinas. Unfortunately, pressure washing does not remove this pest. It is best to call you local pest control (Terminix, etc.) as they have the means to not only treat this problem but prevent further infestation by this aggressive pest.

 5. What Does The Service Include?

(On Siding)

  • Pressure wash siding
  • Wash down gutters and down-spouts
  • Wash down foundation
  • Final Inspection

    6. Are you insured?

  • Yes. We are a fully insured Corporation.

    We hope that this information will help you make an informed decision regarding which contractor to hire for your residential pressure washing needs. If you have any additional questions please feel free to call us at (828)-279-3311.


The Staff of Apex Unlimited NC,Inc.

P.S.: A recent industry survey performed by the Cleaning Equipment Trade Association (CETA) found that almost 90% of all new power-washing companies went out of business within one year of opening. The reasons sited were lack of professional training and lack of business experience. What does this mean to you? It means that if you called ten contractors for an estimate only one or two would have any experience and your home may become a testing ground for an inexperienced contractor! Their lack of business experience and hands on training account for the wide range of pricing you will receive. Do yourself a favor and trust your biggest asset to a professional. We at Apex Professional Pressure Washing understand that your time is precious. Relax and let us take care of it for you.

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